Waterford Gin Journeys Cuin Hiball Set of 2

Waterford Gin Journeys Cluin Hiball Set of 2

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Gin Journeys is a collection created for Gin experience.  Waterford's striking range of gin glasses have been designed with tasting experts to help enrich the aromas and infuse the flavors of the botanicals. The Cuin Hiball glass, set of two are over 6"tall, designed to fully savor your gin drink. Featuring the Cuin pattern, this striking glass has vertical cuts allowing enough space for garnishes and ice to see through the glass for the perfect gin cocktail or iced beverage. Capturing Waterford's rich Irish heritage, this set blends old and new creating a fresh appreciation of this classic spirit. Presented in a sleek 'Gin Journeys' gift box this set is a treasure to enjoy.