Waterford Crystal WS Samuel Miller  8" Vase

Waterford Crystal WS Samuel Miller 8" Vase

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The Samuel Miller Vase was the fourth limited edition in the Waterford Society Signature Collection, a Private Collection made by Waterford Crystal in 1998. It was an original work of art created exclusively for members of the Waterford Society. The Samuel Miller Collection was named for the the Waterford Glassworks Cutting Foreman who was among the finest of the glass cutters in the later 1700s. From a brochure: "The Samuel Miller Vase brings together in one masterful vessel the favorite decorations of Waterford's first cutting foreman. Like Miller's original creations of the nineteenth century, which were inspired by ideals of perfection, this poetic design, one in which the symphony of cuts enhance the shape, and the two together glorify the elaborate and intricate details so prized during the Georgian era. Like its nineteenth century counterparts, this vase was decorated to capture every last glimmer of a candle's glow and every stream of light. Creating a series of panels, some sparkling with sharp diamonds and others highlighted with sixteen point stars. The scalloped rim, a feature perfected by Waterford's craftsmen since 1783, interprets handcrafted architectural moldings of the time and provides a geometric counterpoint to the tri-petaled rosettes that capture and reflect the light. The shape and size of this 8" tall vase n revives one of the most traditional of Irish vessels - the thistle-shaped vase.  Every Waterford crystal piece reflects light beautifully - but the Samuel Miller Vase is particularly delightful. 8-1/2" tall, with a 4-3/4" diameter opening and a 3-1/2" diameter base. The underside of the base has a 16 point star and two Waterford etchings. One states that the piece is Waterford and the other has the WS1998 mark.