Waterford Crsytal 2020 Snowflake Wishes Ornament, The Gift Of Love

Waterford Crystal 2020 Snowflake Wishes Ornament, The Gift of Love

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The 2020, Snowflake Wishes Ornament by Waterford Crystal is the Gift of Love, the 10th and Final Edition.  The Archival Snowflake Pattern is that of Donegal with the Celebratory color of Cranberry. This Ornament will arrive with the 2020 date etched at the top and a cranberry jewel in the center of the design.  This Waterford Christmas Ornament will arrive with an ornament enhancer to match the ornament. Waterford Crystal releases the 10th edition Ornament which will arrive in the traditional Waterford grey dated Christmas presentation box. This is the Final piece in this Collection. What a Year to Remember!