Mark Nestel - Owner

Since 1991 I have transitioned through many challenges in the retail industry.  I will begin to share these experiences over the coming months.

1991 - Our first location was at 9252 Metcalf Ave in the Regency Park Center

We started selling Tyrone Crystal and it was the only Irish Crystal we carried our first years in business.

As owner of a small business I always thought of how to stay ahead of the changing world of advertising.  For years we utilized, radio, newspaper, newsletters and postcard mailings.  I built as a static web page and we received orders using  PHP ordering tools.  

In 1997-1999 our website brought us sales of over $500k per year.  Waterford Crystal did not have a website and many vendors did not know what websites could offer.  I was far ahead of the competition and didn’t realize it at the time.

In 2000 we had a lot of success with Waterford Crystal Millennium toasting flutes.  These flutes were available for many years.  We were overwhelmed with the success we had!