Belleek Pottery 2020 Love Knot Standing Cross Edition Piece

Belleek Pottery Love Knot Standing Cross

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A wonderful NEW Cross is for every Irish home and a must have for Belleek collectors. The Belleek Love Knot Standing Cross is 8" tall and completely made in Ireland. Decorated with one traditional hand painted green shamrock, this adds a touch of color to the Parian China Cross.  Designed by Clare Conway, the Love Knot Cross represents eternity.  In the Center of the cross, the featured knot has no start or finish and is a symbol of loyalty, faith, friendship and love.  One side is decorated with the love knot while the other side is simple with subtle Celtic interlocking knots.  This also makes a wonderful gift for someone who recently visited Ireland, loss of a loved one, baptism or confirmation gift.  This Belleek Cross arrives in a gift box.